Built By SALT: Eat Clean, Live Today - $79

Built By SALT: Eat Clean, Live Today - $79

Built by SALT offers the chance to reset your habits - everything related to food, movement + mindset! We start by cleaning up our food choices with an emphasis on a balanced plate of vegetables, fruits, healthy fats + meat at each meal. During this time we work to eliminate sugar, dairy, grains + gluten as well as alcohol or other 'trigger' foods.

Our 21 day program Includes:
* Daily emails with VIDEO inspiration from the SALT team
* Recipe book for 21 days worth of clean meals *instant download on 10/1
* Essential "How-to" guide *instant download on 10/1
* Optional Facebook Accountability board for all participants to connect, motivate + inspire.
* Guidance + Support from the SALT team and our Health Coach, Liz Otto

What can you expect?
Better sleep, improved mental clarity, increased energy, clear skin, less cravings, improved athletic performance + physical results from your SALT practice. Education to help you maintain a 'clean' lifestyle as well as tips, tricks and 'hacks' for the long-term

Program starts 10/5 (recommended prep time 10/1 - 10/4)

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Built By SALT: Eat Clean, Live Today - $79

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